Working All Day

by Brigadir

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Working all Day

Working all Day!
We’r wasting our lives!
In legal slavery!
That none gonna stop!

Feeling like a donkey, all is want is to come home
We don’t even get a half of products we have done
Watching our efforts, vanishing and die,
Workers get oppression, and I am asking why?


Busting our Guts, and wasting our lives,
For the rich bastards, where will it stop?!

Why should we labor!
For the upper class?!
Why keep on feeding!
Those parasites?!!!

Workers have to live in shit, while they take theirs best,
Masses work till death to let the rich scum rest,
They need us be convinced that everything is fair
And we do really need em and nothing should be changed.

Live getting harder!
Till we understand!
We don’t need masters!
We seek of being slaves!!!

Equality is possible, when there is no exploitation,
And people work together, with another motivations
Laboring all day, but for you, and your friends.
We will be self organized, when the slavery ends!!!!


Working and living for you and your friends,
Enjoy our freedom when slavery ends!!!


released April 10, 2017




Brigadir Saint Petersburg, Russia

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